The Advantage 10


The Advantage, a series of 25, touches on recurring themes from Djurberg and Berg’s practice: metamorphosis, guilt and deceit. Treacherous yet disarmingly hopeful, the crocodile pursues an upper hand, using a wig as its disguise. In the artists’ words, the series “takes something considered ugly and adds something more, which turns out not beautiful either, and then finds the beauty (and sweetness) in the innocence of that act.”

The work is drawn from a series of animations and sculptures titled Only for the wicked, scheduled to premier in Lyon, France, in 2022.

Edition size
1 edition
16cm x 11.5cm x 18cm
Toned resin sculpture.
Each sculpture is finished with a unique hairpiece handmade by the artists.
Release date
September 21, 2021


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