Descendent Verdigris


Thwarting notions of time and place, James Jean collapses eclectic, culture-crashing references into enthralling fantasy. The motif of a free-falling figure recurs throughout his oeuvre, speaking to the idea of floating in between — untethered to any particular place or reality.

Descendent Verdigris, a bronze edition of 50, extends this analogy. Each sculpture is finished with a painstakingly hand-applied recreation of the blue-green patina formed naturally on the surface of oxidised metals; an innovative, multifaceted finish that echoes the character’s own liminal condition

Edition size
50 editions
13.0in x 5.9in x 5.9in
Bronze sculpture with a verdigris finish and a circular mirrored base.
The base of each sculpture is engraved with the edition number and artist’s signature.
Release date
September 23, 202


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